Regenerative Farmer Gabe Brown Virtually Goes to Washington

Thirty years ago Gabe Brown wasn’t sure if his North Dakota farm was economically viable. That financial stress forced him to consider other ways of farming that were less dependent on chemical inputs. Through years of experimentation and learning, Gabe has built a remarkably resilient farm on the North Dakota plains. He has become one of the most respected voices in regenerative agriculture.

A couple of weeks ago Gabe was asked to testify to Congress about regenerative agriculture and appropriate policy measures to advance a resilient, climate-mitigating agriculture. One of his many memorable quotes is below:

“We must make the adoption of regenerative agriculture available for all farmers from all backgrounds…we must educate not only farmers and ranchers but all society as to these concepts which are rooted in indigenous knowledge. It is not just about emission reductions. It’s about our land’s resilience and ability to function. Regenerating our soil ecosystem is the most cost effective national investment that we can make to mitigate climate change and heal society.”

We were also thrilled to see Representative Chellie Pingree holding up Gabe’s book Dirt to Soil during the hearing. The Regenerative Agriculture Foundation helped to support the publication of Gabe’s book. Regenerative agriculture is being discussed in circles that we would not have imagined 10 years ago.

A composite of Gabe Brown’s testimony to the House Agriculture Committee’s hearing on climate change is available here –