RAF’s Farm Bill Support Featured in Inside Philanthropy

Cattle in green field with mountains in background

The Farm Bill Grassroots Capacity Building Project was launched as a collaboration between National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition, RAFI-USA, and Regenerative Agriculture Foundation, with generous grant support from the Waverley Street Foundation and Platform for Agriculture and Climate Transformation (PACT). While having a focus on advancing agricultural policies that address the climate crisis and racial disparities, this effort takes a broad perspective in supporting policy organizing as a whole. While these efforts come into spotlight every five years when Congress reauthorizes the Farm Bill, truly successful policy change requires ongoing advocacy through rulemaking, implementation, and organizing.

Regenerative Agriculture Foundation Executive Director Mark Muller was recently featured in an April 2024 article of Inside Philanthropy discussing the critical conversation around philanthropic efforts to support grassroots policy and organizing regarding the US Farm Bill:

“It’s continually been a cobblestoning [of] different funders together,” he said in an interview last year. “There’s lots of smaller funders that give $20,000 to $50,000 grants, but there aren’t that many that’ll give you hundreds of thousands or million-dollar grants.”

As quoted in the article, Mark emphasizes the importance of policy supporting a diversity of farmers, noting that it leads to a greater diversity of crops and farming systems. This diversity, he explains, enhances resilience against extreme weather events like floods and droughts, while also contributing to the sequestration of greenhouse gasses.

RAF is honored to continue partnering with organizations driving the dialogue around a more just and climate-oriented Farm Bill in the United States. The Farm Bill Grassroots Capacity Building Project is primarily focused on providing financial support and training to on-the-ground organizations, with the work largely conducted in partnership with leading agricultural policy coalitions. Components include the following:

  • A Rapid Response Fund that provides small grants to support mobilizing activities.
  • A Capacity Building Fund that provides financial resources and training to Black, Indigenous, and organizations of color that would like to increase their involvement in policy advocacy.
  • A Priority States Fund that focuses on advocacy in states with key agricultural policymakers (Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Arkansas).

More information on RAF’s Farm Bill support can be found here.

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