Who Are We?
The Regenerative Agriculture Foundation

RAF is an intermediary funder, launched in 2016 through the vision of Kevin Boyer and the generous support of the 11th Hour Project. Regenerative agriculture can advance multiple different goals, from climate change mitigation and ecosystem services to rural economic development to public health to racial equity.

RAF staff and partners keep up-to-date on research, policy, markets, and the activities of nonprofit organizations in order to provide funding partners with the most promising opportunities for driving impact. Continuous learning is a priority, and RAF became a founding partner of the Funders for Regenerative Agriculture (FORA) in order to create a forum for learning. RAF also collaborates with funding partners in the California Foodshed Funders and the Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Funders.

RAF makes grants twice a year (summer and winter) using an invitation-only process. Nonprofit organizations seeking grants should use this inquiry form for bringing a proposal idea to the attention of RAF staff.

Our Vision

We envision a world where the inherent value of people, plants, animals, community, and the planet are honored and stewarded in a way that regenerates both human and natural communities.

Our Mission

The mission of the Regenerative Agriculture Foundation is to foster the economic, policy, and knowledge conditions that support land stewardship, provide climate solutions, protect freshwater and oceans, advance racial equity and a just economy, support thriving rural communities, and sustain diverse human and ecological life.

Woman carrying fencing in farm field

Photo by Alicia Arcidiacono

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