Regenerative Agriculture Community Fund

Who We Serve: RAF is singularly committed to increasing the amount of philanthropic giving devoted to supporting regenerative agriculture. As such, we have designed this Community Fund to make it easier for all kinds of philanthropy to engage in this exciting new area. Whether you are a large, well-established public charity, or an individual with a small family foundation–RAF was designed to work in service to your needs. We have the staffing capacity and depth of knowledge to help all kinds of philanthropists find meaningful ways to contribute in the field of regenerative agriculture.

The Process: All of the funding that comes into the Regenerative Agriculture Community Fund is pooled together.  RAF invites and accepts grant applications from non-profit organizations on a rolling basis throughout the year, and then, on a semi-annual basis (March and November), RAF’s staff and board meets to make granting decisions. A vast majority of the funding distributed through RAF is for operating support.  We strongly believe that providing operating support to is the best way to leverage impact from innovators on the ground.

How to Stay Engaged: RAF aims to be an educational clearing house for donors who want to become more deeply engaged in supporting regenerative agriculture. We send monthly reports to our donor community so you know how your dollars have been leveraged by others and put to work on the ground (sign up for our monthly newsletter, Regeneration Report).  In addition, we host events and help to advertise other convenings where donors can get first-hand experience of investment opportunities in regenerative agriculture.

How to Give: The Regenerative Agriculture Community Fund is housed within the Sustainable Markets Foundation (SMF) in New York City, NY.  RAF has chosen to partner with SMF to host this Fund because of our values alignment, SMF’s depth of experience in investment management, and the opportunity for expanding RAF’s geographic reach.

To make a contribution to the Regenerative Agriculture Community Fund, you can:

Send a check to:

Regenerative Agriculture Foundation
C/O Sustainable Markets Foundation
45 West 36th Street, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10018-7635

Arrange for an electronic transfer by sending an email to: