We support nonprofit organizations whose activities are in support of our mission.

We primarily focus our grantmaking in three areas:

Research: We support research into better management practices and the ecological, social and economic benefits of employing these practices.

Practice: We support the implementation of Regenerative Stewardship for carbon sequestration, water quality and quantity, biodiversity, human health, rural development and rangeland improvement through rancher organizing and education.

Preservation: We support the preservation of agriculture through market support, land easements, producer protection, frameworks for the intergenerational transfer of agricultural lands, new/beginning farmer/rancher support, and, model policy development.

The Regenerative Agriculture Foundation accepts applications by invitation only.


Conferences can be a place for people to gather, learn, share and build the bonds of community, often across geographies. As necessary to building our movement as those aspects are, we believe a successful conference is more than the gathering itself. We find that the allure of the big event often helps to galvanize disparate voices around a common theme, bring together dispersed players in common cause toward the success of the event, and, have a lasting impression as the connections and learning disseminate out to the broader community. For this reason, the Regenerative Agriculture Foundation supports multiple high-impact conferences annually around the country.

To gain a better understanding of our work, meet some of our past grantees.

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