We support nonprofit organizations whose activities are in support of our mission.

We primarily focus our grantmaking in three areas:

Research: We support research into better management practices and the ecological, social and economic benefits of employing these practices.

Practice: We support the implementation of Regenerative Stewardship for carbon sequestration, water quality and quantity, biodiversity, human health, rural development and rangeland improvement through rancher organizing and education.

Preservation: We support the preservation of agriculture through market support, land easements, producer protection, frameworks for the intergenerational transfer of agricultural lands, new/beginning farmer/rancher support, and, model policy development.

The Regenerative Agriculture Foundation accepts applications by invitation only.

RAF IMPACT: Grant Highlight
Inspiring the Next Generation

RAF aggregated funds from multiple foundations and a family office to collectively support scholarships at two conferences: the Grassfed Exchange and Regenerate 2018.   Through this effort, dozens of beginning ranchers, farmers, and conservationists were able to attend these events.

One participant noted: “This program shows investment in the future, it is much more than a conference registration fee. Being able to bring in more women, queer people, people of color, native people, poor people into these spaces is so crucial for the literal survival of all of us. THANK YOU! Thank you so much. This was an incredibly inspiring several days, and you’ve lit a fire under a very capable group of people. It means the world.”

Another wrote: “This conference gave me insight on how the world of ag is changing. I am now COMPLETELY on board with regenerative practices. 2018 Regenerate has made me aware of many amazing organizations that are involved in building a better world. So, going forward I will use these techniques on my own operation and promote them to the producers I work with. I now have multiple resources and success stories to back up how the regenerative agriculture process works.”


Conferences can be a place for people to gather, learn, share and build the bonds of community, often across geographies. As necessary to building our movement as those aspects are, we believe a successful conference is more than the gathering itself. We find that the allure of the big event often helps to galvanize disparate voices around a common theme, bring together dispersed players in common cause toward the success of the event, and, have a lasting impression as the connections and learning disseminate out to the broader community. For this reason, the Regenerative Agriculture Foundation supports multiple high-impact conferences annually around the country.

To gain a better understanding of our work, meet some of our past grantees.