The Regenerative Agriculture Foundation produces and compiles information intended to educate the broader community about the issues we support.  We intend to become one of the preeminent resources for anybody interested in learning about and engaging with regenerative agriculture, soil health, or, the agriculture/climate nexus.


Regenerative Agriculture is any practice, process or management technique which serves to enhance the functioning of the systems on which it relies.  This includes increasing the functioning of core ecosystem cycles such as energy, water and minerals by enhancing biological function.  It also includes improving the economic and social systems on which we all rely.  In other words, any practice that makes the land, community and bottom-line healthier year after year is regenerative. In this way it is based on outcomes, not practices, distinguishing it from most sustainable/conservation agriculture efforts.

Far from exclusive however, practices such as Organic, Holistic Management© and Permaculture can be considered tools to create regenerative agricultural systems.

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