The vision of the Regenerative Agriculture Foundation is a world in which the boundaries between the human and natural world are indistinguishable. One in which the totality of human needs are produced in a way that regenerates the ecosystems in which we inhabit.  Global biology is so leveraged that man-made catastrophic climate change is a thing of the past.  Soils are so outlandishly healthy and productive that communities are able to provide for their own needs locally and feeding the world is no longer a necessary concern.  A world where biodiversity within our managed systems is abundant and flourishing.  The water, mineral and energy cycles are functioning to their maximum potential.  Rural communities are universally prosperous and beautiful once again.  In short, we envision a world where people, plants, animals and the planet are stewarded in a way that respects their inherent value and regenerates both human and natural communities.  For we believe human and planetary health are inextricably and eternally linked.


The mission of the Regenerative Agriculture Foundation is to support farmers and ranchers, the managers of the vast majority of the nation’s land surface, through research, education and advocacy. With our support our nation’s stewards will be empowered to activate the great potential of biology to sequester atmospheric carbon, increase the quantity and quality of fresh water, reduce ocean acidification and dead zones, increase biodiversity and support thriving rural communities.


KEVIN BOYER is the Founding Director of the Regenerative Agriculture Foundation. Before starting the Regenerative Agriculture Foundation, he managed the Regenerative Rangelands and Composting sub-programs at The 11th Hour Project of The Schmidt Family Foundation. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from the University of San Francisco and a Master’s degree in Modern Irish History from Trinity College Dublin.

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